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ISIDO linea G

Linea G – ISIDO, a special product from Zoom 110 collection

Linea G zoom 110 bagno

Firma ISIDO zoom 110 linea g

The new Linea G brand “Zoom 110” is a collection of luxurious products with a very strong personality which create innovative solutions, compositions and objects, sometimes extravagant, but in any case able to combine creativity with functionality and utility. At first glance they may seem having an end in themselves, but in reality they are able to match well in each bathroom but also in other rooms of your house.

ISIDO represents and best synthesizes the innate habit to research of aesthetic and functional details which distinguishes our company policy, aimed to satisfy attentive and exigent customers. A very high level concept with a specific purpose: valorize the accessory and turn it into a leading actor of the bathroom.

Linea G isido idea

ISIDO is a multifunctional system born from the pencil of Arch. Mr.Mainieri Raffaello. Everything started from a single sign, born from a creative furore, developed in lots of complements: wall mounted lamps, floor standing accessorized poles, table lamps, mirrors and a complete range of bathroom accessories and relative furniture.

“The sign was born from a casual glance of a common crack on a tile which has the honor of having lighted the creative fuse transforming that crack in a “breaking line”, the “Leitmotiv“ of ISIDO system”.

isido linea g raffaello mainieri

linea g isido raffaello mainieri
linea g raffaello mainieri

ISIDO system, and all its declinations, uses brass as base element, except for bigger details (such as lamps and accessorized poles), made of aluminium 15mm thickness, to go beyond weight limits. For all the sinuous manufacturing processes we use a waterjet cut. The accessorized poles have some threaded holes in their rear face to allow the favourite height setting of each accessory.

All the manufacturing processes are made thanks to our modern working centre machineries. The galvanic process we use for aluminium elements is much more exacting to let it become unalterable in time.

First of all the item is dipped into some sterilizing tubs, then is subjected to a coppering process with a high thickness, after that there is the nickel plating process with a 18 micron thickness and at last there is the polished chrome plating.

isido linea g zoom 110

Thanks to its doubtless personality, originality and complements completeness, ISIDO has been requested and utilized for important projects of international design studios
(Paris – Moscow – Singapore – Istanbul – Warsaw – New York).

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New design Porte luigi XVI

Door Luigi XVI – New Design porte

In over twenty years of history of New Design porte there are many moments that should be told, today we will be focused on the creation of one of the most appreciated models in whole our production, a model that surely exemplify our growth journey.

In Milan MADE EXPO 2009 New Design porte presented the door model Luigi XVI. With this event our family finally realized the will to realize doors that aren’t just object to define house’s ambiences, but doors that are real piece of decoration and design.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Door Luigi XVI, so different from everything created before, so sophisticated and graceful, defeated immediately all traditional division between doors producers and decorators of interior.

Around this door we started to create our home concept, obviously starting from wall’s panels and libraries, natural extension of the door and only way to exalt it. After that we presented all our home collection full of accessories, precious details that elevate and make unique every our creation.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Now we can realize every kind of furniture, in classical or in modern style and we feel every project as an adventure that makes us grow day by day.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Many experiences followed the example of Luigi XVI and they all take part of our furnitures collection but many pages aren’t written yet in our company history.

New design Porte luigi XVI

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2 M624-6

Royal Wings – Gallo

lampadario artigianale gallo

I quite liked the idea of the eagle as an important and royal animal – and so it is as a matter of fact – and this is where the series “ALI REALI” (ROYAL WINGS) takes its name from.
The eagle symbolises strength and might – personally I have always been very attracted to national flags that feature an eagle or at least countries that have an eagle in their symbolism.This is a clear-cut well-defined theoretical idea, which for us, creators, must then be expressed through a concrete, practical application: this is how the production phase begins and with it, this exciting pathway to research every component and the right suppliers who, combined with our in-house know-how, will lead to the actual birth of the conceived object.

This itinerary is a DYNAMIC one of course, in all senses, and one which, at times, leads me to cover miles and miles, by car or train, in search of motivated collaborators, travelling the length and breadth of Italy: a land so dense and proactive, the land of the WORLD’S TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP.

The “ROYAL WINGS” series is a true and proper “manifest” of our craft skills, often enough wrongly limited and reduced to the sole capacity to work in wrought iron; this is certainly essential to our production process but it is in no way the only one.

gallo saldatura lampadario

To define this series (and the many others featured in the catalogue) as the result of blacksmithing is rather inaccurate and not pertinent to reality:

“Royal Wings” feature a load-bearing structure in iron, but:
there are also brass wings – not stamped, mind you, but true die cast! And welded on those iron arches that outline the design of the whole series.
The lower part of the chandelier and its central rod (black in the larger 12 light version and gold in the small 6 light version) is in turned wood – not “wooden paste”, i.e. some kind of resin – here we are talking solid wood, which is hand turned and then carved, also manually (see the recurring round band motive along the wooden shaft – there is one on the bottom part too).
Crystal pendants: amber in colour, surrounded by a double row of pearl-strings made of small beads of polished glass.

gallo lampadario tornitura

So we are talking about 5 different materials (iron, brass, wood, glass, crystal) that compose a finished product.
I often say: I am not a merchant of iron, or brass, or glass, or crystal, or wood, but of a finished product that blends all 5 materials and that should look inviting and pleasant – IT IS THE SAME AS WITH COOKING: when chefs (Michelin starred or not) prepare a complex hearty dish, what are they in fast offering and serving? For instance, when preparing an exquisite dish of “cacciucco” (fish soup), are the chefs trying and selling you prawns, octopus, mussels, fish and bread? No, they are not! They are composing a symphony of ingredients to obtain a final result that will be both convincing and significant.

This cuisine metaphor always helps me explain what it is that I do.


So if one must keep to the cuisine metaphor, let it be International cuisine then: the “Royal Wings” collection is presently on display in the studio of a major Shanghai designer, who is using it as an example to illustrate our company, explaining and showing the collection to his customers.

gallo lampadario

Therefore we can say we are CHEFS/MASTER CRAFTSMEN!

Jacopo Gallo

gallo lampadario

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Vestizione quota collection

We love our work – Quota Collection

We love our work and we are really proud about sofas and armchairs we produce both for residential and hospitality market.

Our strong know-how and passion, our attention to detail, always separates, on a quality bases, our handcrafted products from mass-produced items.

quota collection lavorazione

Good design, art, care for every single detail, richness and naturalness of materials are typical of our sofas and adding a great value to your comfort.
Be part of our passion!

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Aurora – a family company

Your company is a family company, and you are very proud of it, isn’t it?
Many say that our company can be considered one of the few rare cases that still exist in the Italian industry of family businesses, now in the third generation. We speak then of grandfathers, fathers and sons. In fact, the story of AURORA overcomes 60 years.

So many years of work in craft industry, so many different experiences. When it all started exactly?
In 1947. Mr Calamassi, Mr. Grassini and Mr. Verdiani, grandfathers of the current members of the third generation recently joined in the company, created Aurora as a manufacturing of metal furnitures.


The birth and the immediate development of the company occurred in Poggibonsi, a small farming town in the heart of Tuscany, more or less in the decade 1950-1960, period known in our region under the name of “economic miracle”. More than an economic miracle it was a real transformation of the town, which passed rapidly from an agricultural to an industrial center.

aurora cucine anni 50 - 60                                         aurora cucine anni 50 - 60 Two Aurora’s kitchens, 1950s – 1960s

From a little town in Tuscany came out many important experiences in creativity and production, and your company shone more than others.
It was a wonderful process that made Poggibonsi, destroyed and devastated by war, a center of growing activities, commerce and trade. It was during this industral “sunrise”( in fact, aurora means sunrise in English), that the company specialized in the manufacturing of modular kitchen cabinetry differentiating itself from the other companies for the creation of high quality and aesthetically superior products.

And then, what happened?
In the 80’s is the first generational change: the sons of the three partners joined the company. Those values ​of beauty, quality, attachment to the territory they belonged, were transmitted from father to son. The new generation, inspired by the youthful energy of those who assume a new responsibility, initiated the most flourishing period of the company, which will soon be recognized as a leader in the ceramic and sanitary Italian industry for the production of tiled Tuscan kitchens.

seconda generazione aurora cucine Aurora second generation

And then another generation came. Is it right?
Yes, between 2002 and 2008, the third generation joined the company.

Did they found an appropriate role in the company?
Yes, they did. Each son took strategic positions in the company, aware of the importance and value of their work that represents the final link in a chain built up over time on sacrifice, affection and cooperation. A strong chain, which does not break for more than 60 years

TERZA GENERAZIONE AURORA cucine Aurora third generation

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Tuscany Handycraft Experience – our future together

From La Casa del Terzo Millennio project, the efforts of 12 brave companies and CNA Prato comes Tuscany Handicraft Experience:
a new and modern concept of products and handicraft.
A storehouse of ideas, comments, contributions and discussions, able to stimulate creativity and innovation capacity.

“Craftsmanship is innovation in progress.
Elegance is a virtue.
Every object has a past, and tells about a person, a tradition.
Build your future on our past.
From our hands, beauty in your homes.
We never changed our attention to quality, we changed the language we use to communicate.
The benefits to technology with the soundness of experience.
Our creativity, our success.
A new and innovative way of exporting our art around the world.
Our hands recount the beauty of our land.
Tuscany, our single source of inspiration.
Our future together.”

The beauty of our creations is designed based on our values, realized with our very own hands and exported thanks to our tenacity. Art, culture and architecture of our tradition guide us. This is our Tuscany. This is our mission.

castel del monte 2

Sol le witt & Samarreda

The works of Sol le witt often propose modular geometries that identify a rigorous spatiality and transfigure objects.
Klein blue is a colour with absolute dimension and incredible depth. Castel del Monte is a medieval architecture with a rigorous form. In this case, form is nothing other than the expression of a concept or rather of a general idea of ​​the world that for Frederick of Swabia was reconnected to the Pythagorean-esoteric tradition.

At Samarreda we are inspired by the search for a rigorous form in a piece of furniture that matches the “Taste of the object at origin, where it is generated”.
For us, the reference is to objects of art and historical periods which have themes with the things of heaven and earth as part of the simplification and that have originated from ingenious artistic minds.
What we seek is “the incredibly beautiful and essential” to achieve that search for a rigour, one perhaps that our society needs.