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Made to Measure Boiserie – Samarreda

Boiserie is a term used for a decoration based on the coverage of the walls with wood panels, variously carved and engraved.

museo di versailles cabinet della regina

The first examples of boiserie were real marquetry, but later they were often painted panels inlaid instead. The boiseries  was very popular in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century for the interior decoration. In Versailles there are numerous examples of this type of decoration. The panels were often not only to decorate the walls but also doors, partitions and booths.

The term is sometimes used to refer paneling coatings, timber-not necessarily decorated, but enriched with frames

Some design firms have specialized in this type of furniture that require greater precision in the execution of relief and experience in the assembly. “(Source: wikipedia)
Our boiseries are created especially for our customers, designed to fit the space in which they must enter, enhance the environment with the craftsmanship and the materials they are made of.


Proposal in an incredible variety of finishes and different combinations, the paneling is ideal both in the creation of new environments, beautiful and functional, for the redesign and transformation of existing spaces.


Smooth or pantograph, in a classic or modern: the paneling is an extraordinary choice for interior design projects that aim to create sophisticated customized spaces.

ilcat Samarreda boiserie made in italy tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany  Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany
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Tailor-made furnishings, no series production – Samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

We do not produce industrial design, we do not work for mass production. Our achievements have a father (the client), a reason (the requirement that created them) and a place to which they are intended.

tailor made forniture samarreda

As the tailor chooses the fabric with the customer, we select the materials that the client and/or designers have in mind; as the tailor takes measures for the wedding package and makes the model, we carry out the survey of the entire environment to rebuild it in our laboratory. The creation takes shape within our carpentry, where each piece is carefully made and assembled.

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

The skilled hands of our carpenters, materials of Italian quality, attention to detail offer to Samarreda’s customer a high tailoring.

tailor made forniture samarreda

Since 1966 Samarreda manufactures furniture for homes, shops, hotels, showrooms, places of work … never two alike, always identity of our client, always with the quality of Made in Italy.

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

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The table Alpey and the Briccole of Venice

The Venice lagoon is dotted with large poles that, in groups of threes, indicate the waterways within which the depth of water is that it can be navigable at low tide.
These are the so-called Briccole.



Periodically, the Briccole are replaced due to wear or breakage. From the recovery of these poles you get an oak wood with unique characteristics, the nature it draws the grain through the shellfish that have left their mark their passage through the water that penetrates into the material and then evaporates. The prolonged contact with water gives a solid color and a unique and distinctive.


venezia+briccola - Copia

Is to Briccole that the designer Marco Pieri was inspired to drow the table Alpey, is wood obtained from Briccole we thought to make it happen.

Table-B Table-B2 8780_376518919109045_990853564_n Table-A2 Table-B3 Table-A Table-A3 483503_376519942442276_1236797803_n

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Prato Textile Museum – an invitation by Samarreda

“All in Prato, and all in rags, it ends the history of Italy,”
wrote Curzio Malaparte in his Cursed Tuscans.

Prato city manufacturing and creative, in the balance between craftsmanship and industry, it can now show to the world his story inside the Textile Museum, which occupies the restored rooms of the old factory Campolmi, jewel of industrial architecture of the XIX century building within the walls of the medieval city.

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

Walking through the courtyard where stands the brick chimney, through the exhibition rooms with the roof trusses in wood is as if in the background you would hear again the sound of rhythmic frames, symbol is an industrial era but in Prato went hand in hand with the artisan of genius who invented the plot tissue, of whoever designed the floral motifs of the damask.

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

If you want to understand the soul of this city, you can not visit it.

It’s an invitation by Samarreda

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Customized design – Samarreda

Which are the products of Samarreda?
All those who can meet the demands of its customers.

Self Habitat Firenze Samarreda

Samarreda customer service is oriented to custom made, or the realization to measure and bespoke, tailoring its production according to the demands and needs of furniture of the customer. The customer has the opportunity to choose among a variety of materials, from the stones, metals, wood in the variants of all possible finishes.

Since April 2015 you can visit Samarreda showroom, at Self Habitat shop in Florence, where the design of the author meets with the custom made.

Self Habitat Firenze Samarreda

It will therefore be possible to have a point of reference in Florence for every kind of furniture that is dictated by the desire to be able to choose according to their own way of living the home and work, finding an availability to the project, the board or at the second their needs for taste and service.

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le mani pensanti - samarreda

The thinkings hands – Samarreda

  le mani pensanti - samarreda

“In English, no distinction is made between art and craft. For this reason, the craftsmanship is art, mastery. The art of the musician, for example, as well as for the craftsman, is the ability to achieve what you set out to achieve it. It is an important issue … that becomes an art both manual and intellect. The recovery of craft, craftsmanship, lies in the return to the people an active role in the face of technology”.
Richard Sennet 

le mani pensanti - samarreda

These are our hands, who take care of our clients’ projects, which ingeniously achieve what they desire.

le mani pensanti - samarreda

Our thinking hands that realize every detail: they design, they think, they realize with body and soul. The quality and uniqueness of the product is the purpose of our work.

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Tuscany Handycraft Experience – our future together

From La Casa del Terzo Millennio project, the efforts of 12 brave companies and CNA Prato comes Tuscany Handicraft Experience:
a new and modern concept of products and handicraft.
A storehouse of ideas, comments, contributions and discussions, able to stimulate creativity and innovation capacity.

“Craftsmanship is innovation in progress.
Elegance is a virtue.
Every object has a past, and tells about a person, a tradition.
Build your future on our past.
From our hands, beauty in your homes.
We never changed our attention to quality, we changed the language we use to communicate.
The benefits to technology with the soundness of experience.
Our creativity, our success.
A new and innovative way of exporting our art around the world.
Our hands recount the beauty of our land.
Tuscany, our single source of inspiration.
Our future together.”

The beauty of our creations is designed based on our values, realized with our very own hands and exported thanks to our tenacity. Art, culture and architecture of our tradition guide us. This is our Tuscany. This is our mission.

castel del monte 2

Sol le witt & Samarreda

The works of Sol le witt often propose modular geometries that identify a rigorous spatiality and transfigure objects.
Klein blue is a colour with absolute dimension and incredible depth. Castel del Monte is a medieval architecture with a rigorous form. In this case, form is nothing other than the expression of a concept or rather of a general idea of ​​the world that for Frederick of Swabia was reconnected to the Pythagorean-esoteric tradition.

At Samarreda we are inspired by the search for a rigorous form in a piece of furniture that matches the “Taste of the object at origin, where it is generated”.
For us, the reference is to objects of art and historical periods which have themes with the things of heaven and earth as part of the simplification and that have originated from ingenious artistic minds.
What we seek is “the incredibly beautiful and essential” to achieve that search for a rigour, one perhaps that our society needs.