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Made to Measure Boiserie – Samarreda

Boiserie is a term used for a decoration based on the coverage of the walls with wood panels, variously carved and engraved.

museo di versailles cabinet della regina

The first examples of boiserie were real marquetry, but later they were often painted panels inlaid instead. The boiseries  was very popular in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century for the interior decoration. In Versailles there are numerous examples of this type of decoration. The panels were often not only to decorate the walls but also doors, partitions and booths.

The term is sometimes used to refer paneling coatings, timber-not necessarily decorated, but enriched with frames

Some design firms have specialized in this type of furniture that require greater precision in the execution of relief and experience in the assembly. “(Source: wikipedia)
Our boiseries are created especially for our customers, designed to fit the space in which they must enter, enhance the environment with the craftsmanship and the materials they are made of.


Proposal in an incredible variety of finishes and different combinations, the paneling is ideal both in the creation of new environments, beautiful and functional, for the redesign and transformation of existing spaces.


Smooth or pantograph, in a classic or modern: the paneling is an extraordinary choice for interior design projects that aim to create sophisticated customized spaces.

ilcat Samarreda boiserie made in italy tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany  Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany
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Customized design – Samarreda

Which are the products of Samarreda?
All those who can meet the demands of its customers.

Self Habitat Firenze Samarreda

Samarreda customer service is oriented to custom made, or the realization to measure and bespoke, tailoring its production according to the demands and needs of furniture of the customer. The customer has the opportunity to choose among a variety of materials, from the stones, metals, wood in the variants of all possible finishes.

Since April 2015 you can visit Samarreda showroom, at Self Habitat shop in Florence, where the design of the author meets with the custom made.

Self Habitat Firenze Samarreda

It will therefore be possible to have a point of reference in Florence for every kind of furniture that is dictated by the desire to be able to choose according to their own way of living the home and work, finding an availability to the project, the board or at the second their needs for taste and service.

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samarreda team

It’s not a staff, we are Samarreda team!

There are those who came to us when they were 16 years old and now are on the threshold of 50; someone moved to Prato in the  years of economic boom and landed in our company; there are others who, accompanied by a parent, entered our laboratory as kids and never left. Someone fell in love in our offices and get married; others, by family tradition, grew up with the smell of wood. Some people went away and then came back, and someone has just arrived!

A group of people, lives that flow and cross each other, experiences side by side. A coffee to exchange some ideas before start working, spaghetti with meat sauce made for lunch and also pizza at midnight, after the assembly of an important store.

For these reasons and many others – do not call it staff – call it SAMARREDA TEAM!

Tutti i volti di Samarreda

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