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The ZOOM110 brand synthesizes and expresses the creative essence of Linea G, always looking for ideas able to become innovative, extravagant and at the same time practical products. The most characterising aspect of each luxurious item, as well as each minimal or “funny” one is the purpose of a revolution of standard bathroom fitting-out canons.

From the creative flair of the architect Mr. Enio Calosi was born “Chef”
It is really curious how some shapes can be matched together in an unexpected way, even if they have completely different functions.

design is served

A brilliant and witty attention is able to identify and transform kitchen tools in something else: an induction hob in a bathroom washbasin, an oven in a bathroom cabinet and the handle of a pan in a towel rail.

idea- fumetto forno anni 50

A funny and original fitment around which you can create an unconventional bathroom.

linea g


The pan is made of semi glossy white resin, a ductile material which allows to create quite countless shapes thanks to a bolding moulds at first and an accurate smoothing work at least, able to grant a practical utilization in your bathroom.

linea g

The support plane on which lies the pan simulates the classical induction hob. It is made of coloured glass with some concentric silkscreened rings.

linea g

The mirror with its integrated neon light creates an elegant and endearing atmosphere, thanks to the silkscreened satin finish concentric rings.


logo cucchiaio e forchetta logo letto hotel

Chef, ideal for the toilets of strong personality restaurants and public premises, goes well also with common homes, giving to each bathroom a hint of fun and originality.

linea g

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