Inspiration – Quota Collection


Main goal of project “QUOTA” is the research of archetypal forms in furniture design, in order to create living spaces marked by great sophistication, originality and care of details.

ottomanne grande quota collection

Through a deep and careful research, all references to shapes, materials and atmospheres of most sophisticated and cultured classical world, have inspired a collection of upholstered ‘fusion’ pieces, in which memories are projected into contemporary and high demanding environments, characterizing every space with strong personality and originality.

Armchair SAVOYA ALTO quota collection

Care for materials, such as pure aniline antiqued leather or nabuk leather, along with sophisticated fabrics of contemporary taste, coordinated in the most innovative and evocative nuances, are ideal complementary to shapes and to meet the demand of all passionate for beauty and for pleasures of life.

Savoya Alto quota collection


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