Linea G – ISIDO, a special product from Zoom 110 collection

ISIDO linea G

Linea G zoom 110 bagno

Firma ISIDO zoom 110 linea g

The new Linea G brand “Zoom 110” is a collection of luxurious products with a very strong personality which create innovative solutions, compositions and objects, sometimes extravagant, but in any case able to combine creativity with functionality and utility. At first glance they may seem having an end in themselves, but in reality they are able to match well in each bathroom but also in other rooms of your house.

ISIDO represents and best synthesizes the innate habit to research of aesthetic and functional details which distinguishes our company policy, aimed to satisfy attentive and exigent customers. A very high level concept with a specific purpose: valorize the accessory and turn it into a leading actor of the bathroom.

Linea G isido idea

ISIDO is a multifunctional system born from the pencil of Arch. Mr.Mainieri Raffaello. Everything started from a single sign, born from a creative furore, developed in lots of complements: wall mounted lamps, floor standing accessorized poles, table lamps, mirrors and a complete range of bathroom accessories and relative furniture.

“The sign was born from a casual glance of a common crack on a tile which has the honor of having lighted the creative fuse transforming that crack in a “breaking line”, the “Leitmotiv“ of ISIDO system”.

isido linea g raffaello mainieri

linea g isido raffaello mainieri
linea g raffaello mainieri

ISIDO system, and all its declinations, uses brass as base element, except for bigger details (such as lamps and accessorized poles), made of aluminium 15mm thickness, to go beyond weight limits. For all the sinuous manufacturing processes we use a waterjet cut. The accessorized poles have some threaded holes in their rear face to allow the favourite height setting of each accessory.

All the manufacturing processes are made thanks to our modern working centre machineries. The galvanic process we use for aluminium elements is much more exacting to let it become unalterable in time.

First of all the item is dipped into some sterilizing tubs, then is subjected to a coppering process with a high thickness, after that there is the nickel plating process with a 18 micron thickness and at last there is the polished chrome plating.

isido linea g zoom 110

Thanks to its doubtless personality, originality and complements completeness, ISIDO has been requested and utilized for important projects of international design studios
(Paris – Moscow – Singapore – Istanbul – Warsaw – New York).

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