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Leonardo 2

Our Territory

We often believe that our know-how, our creativity lives of the same air as Leonardo’s genius as the town of Vinci is located on a hill only a few kilometers north of our company which is on a perfect plane.

Leonardo nuova CEV

leonardo vinci nuova CEVVinci, the village of Leonardo

If we turn south west there is another small town (San Miniato) where the Federiciana tower stands out to bear witness to what was once the strategic military importance of its position.

san miniato toscana nuova cevSan Miniato

It still makes us smile the fact that we Empolesi (people from Empoli), with a curious stratagem, after a long siege, induced the enemy to give themselves up because during the night they saw themselves surrounded by thousands of lights that were ascending the hill thinking they were soldiers when they were in fact goats with lit torches tied to their horns….. even this can be defined a “small stroke of genius”.

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