Why together

Join the innovative and creative makers on the digital network tuscanyhandicraftexperience.com.
Recount the stories of craftsmen with a passion for beauty and sophistication, taste and creativity.
Transmit the profound values ​​of our Tuscan lands to new generations.
The beauty of our creations is designed based on our values, realised with our very own hands and exported thanks to our tenacity. Art, culture and architecture of our tradition guide us. This is our Tuscany. This is our mission.

The webzine mission

The network represents a new dimension of creative expression for millions of people. Businesses which were previously unthinkable pass through the hubs in which new relationships are also created. The mission of this webzine is to stimulate on the network the creativity of our companies and the beauty and utility of our products.
We joined our forces to provide designers, architects, designers and private citizens with a hub of the network that is devoted to taste and refinement. A hub of the network and within the network that aims to become one of the benchmarks in the choice of products.
Our goals include broadcasting the news of our creations and publicising the sources of inspiration and values. In this way we aim to bring people together to relate their ideas and projects.
A storehouse of ideas, comments, contributions and discussions, able to stimulate creativity and innovation capacity.
A tool to refresh representation, languages and perception of the world of Tuscan handicraft.

The collective showroom

An exhibition space has also been designed for this edition that places in the protagonists’ spotlight the artisans themselves. The protagonists are the men, the history, the knowledge and the wisdom of creating. Their hands, strength and the material are their instruments.
Inspired by the very nature of the subject dealt with this year, our aim is to overcome those limitations that a simple exhibition imposes.
For La Casa del III Millennio 2014, a set-up will be organised that aims to look beyond the object and to reveal the history and the people behind it.
Craftsmen have chosen to exhibit their own product that represents the culture of “know-how”, revealing the process of craft production, beyond the choices of the object design. All this will take place within a space organised as a collective showroom where beyond the exhibition moment the craftsmen will meet customer groups. The venue will also be open for special events for reflection and discussion. All this within a prestigious architectural setting.