The story of “La Casa del III Millennio” [The House of the III Millennium] is the story of a bridge that spans between two poles, on the one hand design, with its interpreters, the more established ones working alongside the relative newcomers, and on the other the world of craft and its protagonists: the artisans. Now in its eighth edition, this year La Casa aims to change perspective to continue its path towards new forms of influence. The goal is the future. Abandoning the nostalgic look, the aim is to look at today and at this multi-form world to thus be able to state that the energies and content for a journey towards the future are already in our hands, through work, quality, material and the beauty that our craft is able to confer. We hope to address the issue of the future challenge of Italian “know how” not only as a great level of craftsmanship but also as a possible driving force for an entire work culture, the Italian one, which has created its history on its consistent tradition of good practices and trades that continues to provoke global envy.
Craftsmen, architects and designers are called to build this future together, to interpret in the best and most contemporary way possible a “treasure” that must necessarily remain in our hands.