The brand QUOTA collection was born in 2006 as a division of the company DEMA srl. Main goal of new brand was to offer a sophisticated product to a target of consumer loving their home to be contemporary and extremely elegant. A consciously contaminated research made by Marco Agnoli, made possible to propose a new living style by evoking a déjà-vu of great elegance and stylistic impact: we called it “fusion new classic” taste. This new combinations generate a truly original formula for new contemporary, mixing research of most elegant lines of historical design to contemporary design; blending progress and tradition so that the result becomes unique and the antique is rediscovered as new.
Main project of the collection is “SAVOYA” designed by Marco Agnoli. Thanks to the design and also to the excellent comfort, success has been so exciting that collection has been gradually enlarged to several versions that make possible to propose SAVOYA in both residential and contract business: “SAVOYA Alto” , “SAVOYA Basso” and “SAVOYA Componibile”.
“OTTOMANNE GRANDE” is a strong choreographic project referring to early 19th century. It is also very successful and highly appreciated for its purity and extremely balanced design from interior designers and decorators.
“ODEON” designed by the intuitive and creative mind of Tito Agnoli, is a project for contemporary metropolitan living. Its soft and rounded shape remembers period of fifties and early sixties.
QUOTA has in his Portfolio also several design produced for specific residential or contracts projects. In November 2010, QUOTA collection became a completely independent brand managed by Lorenzo Rubechini with its long experience making and dealing high quality design sofas. Today QUOTA’s main goal is to preserve its dimension extremely flexible, its attitude “Customer Oriented” and to make possible best service to our dealers and customers. Even if a small individual company, QUOTA collection has strong knowledge on product and is able to export it anywhere in the globe.

Main keys of company strategy are: healthy and safe product good and elegant, design good quality in terms of materials, process and details good service before and after sale self, conscious and transparency on business. Problem solving as natural attitude. Strictly 100% Hand Made in Italy.
Our mission: to offer best mix possible for high demand in terms of quality, comfort and design.


Thanks to its strong know-how and to its flexibility, QUOTA is able to produce “Custom Made” and “Tailored Made” products on demand also helping potential customer to design “his own sofa”. Of course this possibility will have to be checked time by time

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