In Tuscany, the beauty is created by old hands. Beauty is everywhere around us in Tuscany. The art, culture, architecture and the Tuscan tradition are a continued source of inspiration for our products. The search for beauty is always our starting point.

In Tuscany our materials are a source of inspiration. The landscapes, colours, flavors and aromas that characterize our land will inevitably lead to love and appreciate the materials that nature has to offer. Wood in all its details, is selected and processed so that its materiality is exalted inside our home.

In Tuscany respect for the environment never goes out of fashion. The respect for our hills, our parks, marine reserves yet untouched, leads us to a strong attachment to the world around us. For these reasons, the environmental sustainability of products is the basis of our research.

In Tuscany, the quality of life is invaluable. We belong to the culture of “good life” and “good food” and we are proud of it. Our innate values ​​of hospitality, good cusine , warmth and openness are reflected in the way of conceiving our kitchens, which are perfect for the lovers of the “art of cooking”, functional and have a good value for money.


The finishes and materials of all Aurora products are inspired by nature and the territory they belong to. The land, materials, colors and flavors of Tuscany are reflected in the style of all our kitchens.

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    Marketing & Progettazione
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    Export Dept

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