logo-gallo Gallo is a company with a long tradition that was founded in Venice in 1910. According to the customs of century-old Italian tradition of handcrafted workmanship, the founder of the company, Luciano Gallo, starts out his business on his own in a small shop in the heart of Venice, in Campo San Tomà to be precise, one of the hundreds of tiny squares that make up the uneven and fragmented area of the city of Venice. In spite of the fact that the most typical tradition of Venetian craftsmanship is tied to the blowing and molding of glass, Luciano Gallo is, instead, an expert in ironworks and, more specifically, in the manufacture of lighting objects for outdoors, like lanterns and oil lamps (as the picture at the beginning of our catalogue shows, depicting him in the company of his artifacts). After World War I, in 1919 he moves to Florence in Tuscany, and then to Prato (8 km from Florence) with his large family (his wife and 9 children, 7 males and 2 females), as was customary at the time. Continuing to work iron, it is at this time that he begins a new activity: a foundry of brass and bronze in the historical center of Prato. This new trade establishes him as a renowned “bronzista” or “bronze worker” in the Florentine area, the artisan of artistic shapes, also on an urban furniture level, with park benches, street lamps and square statues in brass and bronze.


Our decorations and philosophy are totally at the service of the project and of the end customer’s desires: we are, in fact, used to working with architectural firms and are therefore very flexible to their requests, reproducing finishes even starting off from a simple rug sample, wallpaper or curtains sent to us by the customer.

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