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The finishes and materials of all Aurora products are inspired by nature and the territory they belong to. The land, materials, colors and flavors of Tuscany are reflected in the style of all our kitchens.


The respect for our hills, our parks, marine reserves yet untouched, leads us to a strong attachment to the world around us. For these reasons, the environmental sustainability of products is the basis of our research.

cucina3 cucina1
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The table Alpey and the Briccole of Venice

The Venice lagoon is dotted with large poles that, in groups of threes, indicate the waterways within which the depth of water is that it can be navigable at low tide.
These are the so-called Briccole.



Periodically, the Briccole are replaced due to wear or breakage. From the recovery of these poles you get an oak wood with unique characteristics, the nature it draws the grain through the shellfish that have left their mark their passage through the water that penetrates into the material and then evaporates. The prolonged contact with water gives a solid color and a unique and distinctive.


venezia+briccola - Copia

Is to Briccole that the designer Marco Pieri was inspired to drow the table Alpey, is wood obtained from Briccole we thought to make it happen.

Table-B Table-B2 8780_376518919109045_990853564_n Table-A2 Table-B3 Table-A Table-A3 483503_376519942442276_1236797803_n

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Custom Made Products – Pratomarmi

fontana in cardoso grezzo prato marmi

What kind of products can we produce? Everything people ask.
For us craftsmanship means to do a very nice job with skill, doing unique pieces in small series to realize desires of our clients.

prato marmi

This doesn’t mean that we should not research or propose new materials or small products that are unique. The study of new technologies as “touch” and the collaboration with some universities is leading to the creation of a range of innovative products and designs but… for this we will talk on the next post …

BRECCIA MEDICEA prato marmi Breccia medicea CALACATTA DELLA GHERARDESCA prato marmi Calacatta della Gherardesca CALACATTA PERSICHINO prato marmi

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Contemporary style Chess / Backgammon set – Italfama

Beech table turned and disassembled in three pieces (base, leg, top)
Sizes: ht 68cm Top 58cm x 58cm chess board square 5 cm
Chess Board and Backgammon made briar wood completely hand inlaid
Checkers for backgammon (32 pieces) are made in solid brass
Chess set made in solid brass turned and hand brushed, King size: ht 11,5cm base diameter 3.5 cm

italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally  italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally


italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally

italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally

italfama chess backgammon set schacchi made in itally

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Chef. Design is served – ZOOM110 by Linea G


The ZOOM110 brand synthesizes and expresses the creative essence of Linea G, always looking for ideas able to become innovative, extravagant and at the same time practical products. The most characterising aspect of each luxurious item, as well as each minimal or “funny” one is the purpose of a revolution of standard bathroom fitting-out canons.

From the creative flair of the architect Mr. Enio Calosi was born “Chef”
It is really curious how some shapes can be matched together in an unexpected way, even if they have completely different functions.

design is served

A brilliant and witty attention is able to identify and transform kitchen tools in something else: an induction hob in a bathroom washbasin, an oven in a bathroom cabinet and the handle of a pan in a towel rail.

idea- fumetto forno anni 50

A funny and original fitment around which you can create an unconventional bathroom.

linea g


The pan is made of semi glossy white resin, a ductile material which allows to create quite countless shapes thanks to a bolding moulds at first and an accurate smoothing work at least, able to grant a practical utilization in your bathroom.

linea g

The support plane on which lies the pan simulates the classical induction hob. It is made of coloured glass with some concentric silkscreened rings.

linea g

The mirror with its integrated neon light creates an elegant and endearing atmosphere, thanks to the silkscreened satin finish concentric rings.


logo cucchiaio e forchetta logo letto hotel

Chef, ideal for the toilets of strong personality restaurants and public premises, goes well also with common homes, giving to each bathroom a hint of fun and originality.

linea g


Inspiration – Quota Collection

Main goal of project “QUOTA” is the research of archetypal forms in furniture design, in order to create living spaces marked by great sophistication, originality and care of details.

ottomanne grande quota collection

Through a deep and careful research, all references to shapes, materials and atmospheres of most sophisticated and cultured classical world, have inspired a collection of upholstered ‘fusion’ pieces, in which memories are projected into contemporary and high demanding environments, characterizing every space with strong personality and originality.

Armchair SAVOYA ALTO quota collection

Care for materials, such as pure aniline antiqued leather or nabuk leather, along with sophisticated fabrics of contemporary taste, coordinated in the most innovative and evocative nuances, are ideal complementary to shapes and to meet the demand of all passionate for beauty and for pleasures of life.

Savoya Alto quota collection


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Prato Textile Museum – an invitation by Samarreda

“All in Prato, and all in rags, it ends the history of Italy,”
wrote Curzio Malaparte in his Cursed Tuscans.

Prato city manufacturing and creative, in the balance between craftsmanship and industry, it can now show to the world his story inside the Textile Museum, which occupies the restored rooms of the old factory Campolmi, jewel of industrial architecture of the XIX century building within the walls of the medieval city.

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

Walking through the courtyard where stands the brick chimney, through the exhibition rooms with the roof trusses in wood is as if in the background you would hear again the sound of rhythmic frames, symbol is an industrial era but in Prato went hand in hand with the artisan of genius who invented the plot tissue, of whoever designed the floral motifs of the damask.

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

textile museum prato museo tessuto prato

If you want to understand the soul of this city, you can not visit it.

It’s an invitation by Samarreda

Pictures taken from www.museodeltessuto.it


In Tuscany the beauty is created by old hands – Aurora Cucine

ARTIGIANO aurora cucine

We have got dirty hands, hands that draw, hands that scribble, sweating hands. But above all, we have hands that have always created beautiful things.



VINCENT REALIZZATA auroraBeauty is everywhere around us in Tuscany. The art, culture, architecture and the Tuscan tradition are a continued source of inspiration for our products. The search for beauty is always our starting point.

bellezza_hp_1 aurora

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Three stories about Crystal – Nuova CEV

What’s more common than a football, the ball of a sport that we could call “global”? That’s why in 1990 we made a series of gadgets for the World Cup Italia 90 bearing the legendary tricolour “Ciao”.

Nuova CEV italia 90 crystal

Trick or treat? Trick! That’s why a playful glassmaker started to make small stones as a way of adding life to breakfast time, the famous “Fresca” (a moment of refreshment)! And a prestigious designer has made a series of chandeliers and lamps out of them.

nuova cev crystal

Television, such a passion! During an interview on Telemontecarlo I took a gift to the anchorwoman, a crystal ring, and from that time on I have been coerced into replicating and multiplying these gifts for various actresses.

nuova cev crystal

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