Sol le witt & Samarreda

castel del monte 2

The works of Sol le witt often propose modular geometries that identify a rigorous spatiality and transfigure objects.
Klein blue is a colour with absolute dimension and incredible depth. Castel del Monte is a medieval architecture with a rigorous form. In this case, form is nothing other than the expression of a concept or rather of a general idea of ​​the world that for Frederick of Swabia was reconnected to the Pythagorean-esoteric tradition.

At Samarreda we are inspired by the search for a rigorous form in a piece of furniture that matches the “Taste of the object at origin, where it is generated”.
For us, the reference is to objects of art and historical periods which have themes with the things of heaven and earth as part of the simplification and that have originated from ingenious artistic minds.
What we seek is “the incredibly beautiful and essential” to achieve that search for a rigour, one perhaps that our society needs.

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