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Realising other people’s desires – Nuova CEV

Our motto is realising other people’s desires.nuova cev

One day we received a visit from a very important man from the Middle East: I can’t remember his exact title, if he was an emir, a sultan, or something similar. Nonetheless, he was accompanied by a multitude of servants and wives, as is common among rich people from that part of the world.

nuova cev
He chose to purchase many magnificent things from us, to adorn his splendid palace. However, there was still one object which was needed to complete the decoration of the bathroom. When we explained that we could make the item but would need to produce a certain quantity for the manufacturing process to be economically viable, our wealthy visitor replied: “This is not a problem… if we multiply the number of bathrooms which each of my wives has at her disposal (at least two), by the number of palaces which I own, we can easily reach that number…”

portafazzoletti cromato nuova cev
And that is how our “tissue box” (made from crystal, obviously) was born.

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