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New design Porte luigi XVI

In over twenty years of history of New Design porte there are many moments that should be told, today we will be focused on the creation of one of the most appreciated models in whole our production, a model that surely exemplify our growth journey.

In Milan MADE EXPO 2009 New Design porte presented the door model Luigi XVI. With this event our family finally realized the will to realize doors that aren’t just object to define house’s ambiences, but doors that are real piece of decoration and design.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Door Luigi XVI, so different from everything created before, so sophisticated and graceful, defeated immediately all traditional division between doors producers and decorators of interior.

Around this door we started to create our home concept, obviously starting from wall’s panels and libraries, natural extension of the door and only way to exalt it. After that we presented all our home collection full of accessories, precious details that elevate and make unique every our creation.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Now we can realize every kind of furniture, in classical or in modern style and we feel every project as an adventure that makes us grow day by day.

New design Porte luigi XVI

Many experiences followed the example of Luigi XVI and they all take part of our furnitures collection but many pages aren’t written yet in our company history.

New design Porte luigi XVI

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