A pretty good Football Team – Nuova CEV


The people who work in a glass factory are prevalently all males and therefore the atmosphere is usually goliardic and filled with camaraderie: joking, teasing, poking fun and the assigning of extravagant nicknames is normal behaviour every day.

It is well-known that glassmakers have big appetites because they have to get up at four in the morning to carry out a decidedly physically strenuous activity, and so their breakfast usually consists of large French sticks filled with everything imaginable and all washed down with quite a few glasses of …

But apart from the numerous dinners and friendships also outside work, the one thing that creates harmony is an exciting game of football, and with so many stalwart young men available we have decided to put together a pretty good football team.

nuova cev football soccer team calcio squadra

Third time and a delicious cake, irrespective of whether winners or losers….. is in any case a MUST !

nuova cev torta

Nuova CEV italia 90 crystal

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