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Hands – Nuova CEV

I have been told to explain in detail that our products are handcrafted, meaning that they are created by hand, one by one, and engraved by hand, one by one, etc. etc.

 nuova cev vetraio master engravers
I have been asked to highlight the skills of our master glassmakers who have been carrying on this work since they were children and now have white hair and a few aches and pains.

nuova cev incisore

I have been told that this “article” must make it clear that all the decorations on the crystal are created by hand with great passion and dedication by our master engravers.

Too bad all this won’t fit into a space of 850 characters; it’s a bit like trying to fit an elephant into a sandwich. It obviously won’t go, so you must settle for the heading, or if you are especially inquisitive, come and see how we make things with our hands… here at Nuova CEV!


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A pretty good Football Team – Nuova CEV

The people who work in a glass factory are prevalently all males and therefore the atmosphere is usually goliardic and filled with camaraderie: joking, teasing, poking fun and the assigning of extravagant nicknames is normal behaviour every day.

It is well-known that glassmakers have big appetites because they have to get up at four in the morning to carry out a decidedly physically strenuous activity, and so their breakfast usually consists of large French sticks filled with everything imaginable and all washed down with quite a few glasses of …

But apart from the numerous dinners and friendships also outside work, the one thing that creates harmony is an exciting game of football, and with so many stalwart young men available we have decided to put together a pretty good football team.

nuova cev football soccer team calcio squadra

Third time and a delicious cake, irrespective of whether winners or losers….. is in any case a MUST !

nuova cev torta

Nuova CEV italia 90 crystal

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Realising other people’s desires – Nuova CEV

Our motto is realising other people’s desires.nuova cev

One day we received a visit from a very important man from the Middle East: I can’t remember his exact title, if he was an emir, a sultan, or something similar. Nonetheless, he was accompanied by a multitude of servants and wives, as is common among rich people from that part of the world.

nuova cev
He chose to purchase many magnificent things from us, to adorn his splendid palace. However, there was still one object which was needed to complete the decoration of the bathroom. When we explained that we could make the item but would need to produce a certain quantity for the manufacturing process to be economically viable, our wealthy visitor replied: “This is not a problem… if we multiply the number of bathrooms which each of my wives has at her disposal (at least two), by the number of palaces which I own, we can easily reach that number…”

portafazzoletti cromato nuova cev
And that is how our “tissue box” (made from crystal, obviously) was born.

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Three stories about Crystal – Nuova CEV

What’s more common than a football, the ball of a sport that we could call “global”? That’s why in 1990 we made a series of gadgets for the World Cup Italia 90 bearing the legendary tricolour “Ciao”.

Nuova CEV italia 90 crystal

Trick or treat? Trick! That’s why a playful glassmaker started to make small stones as a way of adding life to breakfast time, the famous “Fresca” (a moment of refreshment)! And a prestigious designer has made a series of chandeliers and lamps out of them.

nuova cev crystal

Television, such a passion! During an interview on Telemontecarlo I took a gift to the anchorwoman, a crystal ring, and from that time on I have been coerced into replicating and multiplying these gifts for various actresses.

nuova cev crystal

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Inspirations – Nuova CEV

“My greatest passion is to travel, discover, understand, meet, experience… the world. I have explored all the continents and have been particularly fascinated by Salar de Uyuni, a huge “dazzling” expanse of salt.


Salar de Uyuni


Salar de Uyuni



I experienced the same emotions when I stayed in the majestic Ice Hotel in Lapland. When I faced with the inimitable transparency of water I imagined and dreamed of creating something equally as splendid by obtaining it directly from blocks of ice… and magically everything turned into crystal with the same powerful brilliance.


Ice Hotel


Ice Hotel


For the first time in my life, I was in a hurry to get back home in order not to forget all those places and all those images that my eyes had captured so that I could try to recreate them… in crystal.”


Andrea Falashi – Nuova CEV.

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Leonardo 2

Our Territory – Nuova CEV

Our Territory

We often believe that our know-how, our creativity lives of the same air as Leonardo’s genius as the town of Vinci is located on a hill only a few kilometers north of our company which is on a perfect plane.

Leonardo nuova CEV

leonardo vinci nuova CEVVinci, the village of Leonardo

If we turn south west there is another small town (San Miniato) where the Federiciana tower stands out to bear witness to what was once the strategic military importance of its position.

san miniato toscana nuova cevSan Miniato

It still makes us smile the fact that we Empolesi (people from Empoli), with a curious stratagem, after a long siege, induced the enemy to give themselves up because during the night they saw themselves surrounded by thousands of lights that were ascending the hill thinking they were soldiers when they were in fact goats with lit torches tied to their horns….. even this can be defined a “small stroke of genius”.

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