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Transparent green double-glazed crystal (double verre) – Nuova CEV

Thirty years have passed but I can still vividly remember as though it were today, the time we decided to take “something exaggerated, and astonishing….” to the MACEF show in Milan.

Our master glassmakers together with the master engravers studied and designed a column and an amphora in transparent green double-glazed crystal (double verre). In that era this was something totally new and never seen before, so what in our minds was really intended to be a visiting card, gradually turned into our core business.



Obviously since then we have been shamelessly copied by our competitors who are always waiting on the sidelines for our new creations which they immediately propose as their own. While on one hand this unfair behaviour is totally annoying, on the other it means two things:
1) that we are always one step ahead of the others, and
2) only those who are successful are copied

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Made to Measure Boiserie – Samarreda

Boiserie is a term used for a decoration based on the coverage of the walls with wood panels, variously carved and engraved.

museo di versailles cabinet della regina

The first examples of boiserie were real marquetry, but later they were often painted panels inlaid instead. The boiseries  was very popular in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century for the interior decoration. In Versailles there are numerous examples of this type of decoration. The panels were often not only to decorate the walls but also doors, partitions and booths.

The term is sometimes used to refer paneling coatings, timber-not necessarily decorated, but enriched with frames

Some design firms have specialized in this type of furniture that require greater precision in the execution of relief and experience in the assembly. “(Source: wikipedia)
Our boiseries are created especially for our customers, designed to fit the space in which they must enter, enhance the environment with the craftsmanship and the materials they are made of.


Proposal in an incredible variety of finishes and different combinations, the paneling is ideal both in the creation of new environments, beautiful and functional, for the redesign and transformation of existing spaces.


Smooth or pantograph, in a classic or modern: the paneling is an extraordinary choice for interior design projects that aim to create sophisticated customized spaces.

ilcat Samarreda boiserie made in italy tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany  Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany Samarreda-boiserie-made-in-italy-tuscany
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Florentine Renaissance Chess Set – Italfama

The chess set comes from an idea and a design by Aldo Marsili. The design represents the Florentine Renaissance while respecting the classic representation of the individual chess.

The match with the board and the tone of the chess men makes the set a very sophisticated piece of furniture.

Chess pieces made in metal by mold process and completly hand painted,
sizes: ht.Re 13,8cm diam.base3,8cm


Chess board made in erable wood and maple wood completely hand
inlaid, sizes: 51x51x1,8cm square 5,0cm


Checker set made in metal by mold process representing the symbol of
Florence and the symbol of Medici family

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Hands – Nuova CEV

I have been told to explain in detail that our products are handcrafted, meaning that they are created by hand, one by one, and engraved by hand, one by one, etc. etc.

 nuova cev vetraio master engravers
I have been asked to highlight the skills of our master glassmakers who have been carrying on this work since they were children and now have white hair and a few aches and pains.

nuova cev incisore

I have been told that this “article” must make it clear that all the decorations on the crystal are created by hand with great passion and dedication by our master engravers.

Too bad all this won’t fit into a space of 850 characters; it’s a bit like trying to fit an elephant into a sandwich. It obviously won’t go, so you must settle for the heading, or if you are especially inquisitive, come and see how we make things with our hands… here at Nuova CEV!


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Realising other people’s desires – Nuova CEV

Our motto is realising other people’s desires.nuova cev

One day we received a visit from a very important man from the Middle East: I can’t remember his exact title, if he was an emir, a sultan, or something similar. Nonetheless, he was accompanied by a multitude of servants and wives, as is common among rich people from that part of the world.

nuova cev
He chose to purchase many magnificent things from us, to adorn his splendid palace. However, there was still one object which was needed to complete the decoration of the bathroom. When we explained that we could make the item but would need to produce a certain quantity for the manufacturing process to be economically viable, our wealthy visitor replied: “This is not a problem… if we multiply the number of bathrooms which each of my wives has at her disposal (at least two), by the number of palaces which I own, we can easily reach that number…”

portafazzoletti cromato nuova cev
And that is how our “tissue box” (made from crystal, obviously) was born.

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New Design Porte – doors and furnishing from Monteriggioni, Siena

New Design Porte, leading company in the production of interior doors and furnishing accessories, was founded in Monteriggioni, Siena in 1996 by experts of the furniture industry and the interior design.

new design porte e finestre logo

The founder Mr. Lorenzo Cortigiani and his wife Cinzia realized that while the furniture industry had centuries of artistic tradition and history, interior doors were only conceived as products that must performing a technical function without any aesthetic research.

Lorenzo Cortigiani e Cinzia – New Design Porte.
Lorenzo Cortigiani and his wife Cinzia

The growth of New Design Porte start hence; with the process of experimentation and innovation to transfuse the entire culture and tradition typical of the furniture maker in the field of interior doors.

New Design Porte
Lorenzo and Niccolò Cortigiani

The company has distinguished itself since its origin for several characteristics such the richness of ideas, the passion for aesthetic research and the experimentation of materials, shapes and finishings.

New Design Porte products are unique; they are masterpieces created by thousand years of Tuscany experience in fine materials, finishes and decorations all run strictly by hand.

Niccolò e lorenze cortigiani – new design porte
Niccolò and Lorenzo Cortigiani

Thanks to its flexibility, as a result of ongoing research and of experience, New Design Porte’s family is constantly growing, and today it’s able to realize any kind of personalized home decor, offering also a interior architecture service.

However it never leaves out the craftsmanship typical of his work that have made famous for the high quality of its products, a true example of the best Made in Italy.

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Tailor-made furnishings, no series production – Samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

We do not produce industrial design, we do not work for mass production. Our achievements have a father (the client), a reason (the requirement that created them) and a place to which they are intended.

tailor made forniture samarreda

As the tailor chooses the fabric with the customer, we select the materials that the client and/or designers have in mind; as the tailor takes measures for the wedding package and makes the model, we carry out the survey of the entire environment to rebuild it in our laboratory. The creation takes shape within our carpentry, where each piece is carefully made and assembled.

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

The skilled hands of our carpenters, materials of Italian quality, attention to detail offer to Samarreda’s customer a high tailoring.

tailor made forniture samarreda

Since 1966 Samarreda manufactures furniture for homes, shops, hotels, showrooms, places of work … never two alike, always identity of our client, always with the quality of Made in Italy.

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

tailor made forniture samarreda

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Tuscany, inspiration and respect for the environment – Aurora Cucine



The finishes and materials of all Aurora products are inspired by nature and the territory they belong to. The land, materials, colors and flavors of Tuscany are reflected in the style of all our kitchens.


The respect for our hills, our parks, marine reserves yet untouched, leads us to a strong attachment to the world around us. For these reasons, the environmental sustainability of products is the basis of our research.

cucina3 cucina1
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Custom Made Products – Pratomarmi

fontana in cardoso grezzo prato marmi

What kind of products can we produce? Everything people ask.
For us craftsmanship means to do a very nice job with skill, doing unique pieces in small series to realize desires of our clients.

prato marmi

This doesn’t mean that we should not research or propose new materials or small products that are unique. The study of new technologies as “touch” and the collaboration with some universities is leading to the creation of a range of innovative products and designs but… for this we will talk on the next post …

BRECCIA MEDICEA prato marmi Breccia medicea CALACATTA DELLA GHERARDESCA prato marmi Calacatta della Gherardesca CALACATTA PERSICHINO prato marmi

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